About Phetolo Organisation

Phetolo foundation was founded by Ramasela Lebelo upon identifying that there was insufficient advisory in the public schooling system. Phetolo seeks to provide advice to learners in secondary schools on career choices, tertiary selection and application, scholarship and bursary application.

What we do

Phetolo organisation aims to to provide assist students in secondary schools on career choices, tertiary, scholarship and bursary application. As well as empower young woman in disadvantaged communities.

Phetolo Organisation engaged with the Mokopane District to establish where and how to intervene. As already stated that there is capacity and resource constraint in the rural schooling system our involvement came as a relieve.

With the permission of the official designated, Phetolo foundation initiated a “Needs Analysis” exercise. The exercise has been initiated in Mogalakwena circuit, 1 of the 9 circuits.

Mogalakwena circuit has a total of 10 High schools and that is the premise of the exercise. On analyzing the 2017 Matric results, we established that there is a dire need for intervention on Maths, Life Science and Physical Sciences. The rationale behind this is due to the low percentage of the pass rate in these subjects. The circuit obtained pass rate of 32% in Maths, 55.7% Math Literature, 58.5% in Physical Science and 77.9% in Life Sciences.

We provide the following services:

Founded by Rami Lebelo

Phetolo is a living dream of its founder, Rami Lebelo. Rami is a humanitarian, conscious of the need to help. During her days in corporate, Rami was a model volunteer, not just doing CSI (Corporate social Investment) because it needed to be done, she did it wholeheartedly, going beyond the boundaries of the program. Accolades received are testament of the passion and vigour of this social warrior. She embraced the EVP to make a change in the lives of the less fortunate.

When people aspired to ascend the corporate ladder, her aspiration was to establish a social enterprise. She is not just a social entrepreneur but a seasoned social activist on a mission to challenge social inequity by forging links with mission critical organisations and Corporate SA (South Africa) through the various CSI.